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Southpaw Homes & Interiors, founded by Jeremy Harper in early 2016, is a full-service remodelling business based in Nanaimo, BC. Southpaw Homes & Interiors proudly provides their services to the central Vancouver Island area and specializing in Kitchen Remodelling, Bathroom Remodelling, and residential general contracting. At Southpaw Homes & Interiors, we work side-by-side with several different local businesses to ensure that every aspect of your renovation is completed by specific professionals from start to finish. Our Mission is to create stunning living spaces for our customers while providing them with the best, most reliable, and personable service possible. 


Jeremy started renovating houses in 2008 with his Uncle Mike Garlic and Grandfather Charlie Harvey who were both master carpenters and incredible teachers to boot. Jeremy started learning the ins and outs of the industry early in his life as he grew up surrounded by a long line of family members who worked in the construction industry. The name "Southpaw", a tribute to his Uncle and Grandfather who have since passed, originated as a nickname for Jeremy due to him being one the few lefty's (left-handed) in their family. Jeremy's Grandpa, originally left handed, had his hand tied behind his back in school, forcing him to use his right hand!  Jeremy decided to branch off and start Southpaw Homes & Interiors due to his passion for home remodelling and the incredible pride he took in leaving his customers with a house they can be proud to call home. 

Whether you’re looking to simply remodel your space or completely reinvent the layout and overall feel of your home, Southpaw Homes & Interiors would be grateful to help you every step of the way!


The Southpaw process starts with an idea and transcends into a result beyond what you had imagined. In our initial consultation, we will discuss project expectations, layout options, design styles, and determine the best functionality that suits your particular lifestyle and needs. From there, we will measure the space and get working on a set of drawings for the construction and permit process (Our customers have the option of working one on one with one of our Interior Designers for this stage of the process). Once the design and selection stage of the project is completed, a site meeting will be held with our team and specialty trades members to ensure all areas of the project are accounted for and pricing is ready to be confirmed. From there, its time to start scheduling the work and start renovating! 


At Southpaw Homes & Interior, we believe that communication is the foundation of a great project so our customers always have access to their “live” schedule and all means necessary of communicating with our team from start to finish. 

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Nanaimo, BC and Surrounding Area

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